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The Explorer

The Explorer

The Explorer has distinguished itself in Saudi Arabia as a leading provider of Geophysical services in many important sectors; oil, gas & construction, ground water and minerals exploration.

Commitment with Clients

The Explorer is committed in providing greatest opportunities for our client’s success through innovative applications of high technology.

Exploration with Technology

The Explorer operates on the principles of continuous improvement, innovation and best practices to provide advanced technology exploration solution

Our servics

Our Technology

Our Projects

Geodetic Projects

⦁    Saudi Railway Comapny (SAR), Geodetic Network for Saudi  Landbridge        Project
⦁    Jeddah Region,  Geiod Model
⦁    Jeddah Region, CORS

Seismic Projects

⦁    Saudi Aramco, monitoring Seismic Activities in Oil fields Phase 1 (Three Years)
⦁    Saudi Railway Comapny (SAR), Geophysical Investigation Using Seismic Refraction Tomography for Saudi Landbridge Project
⦁    Saudi Aramco, monitoring Seismic Activities in Oil fields Phase 2 (Three Years)

Gravity Projects

⦁    General Commission of Survey, KSA Gravity Network Establishment using Absolute and Relative Gravity.

Geophysics Projects

⦁    Saudi Aramco, Utility Underground Pipelines Survey at Shedgem        Plant Gas
⦁    Saudi Aramco, Utility Underground Pipelines Survey at Juaymah
⦁    Jeddah, Utilities Underground Survey
⦁    Makkah,  Utilities Underground Survey
⦁    King Khalid University, Cavity Detection studies
⦁    King Khalid Airport (Riyadh), Utilities Underground Survey
⦁    King Abdelaziz Airport (Jeddah), Utilities Underground Survey
⦁    Abar Almashy area in Al Madanah city, Mapping aquifer structures        study for Abdul Latif Jameel Group using high resolution seismic reflection techniques
⦁    King Khalid University Medical city, Soil Cavity Test.
⦁    King Khalid University, Soil Cavity Test
⦁    Saudi Aramco, Utility Underground Pipelines Survey at Ras          Tanura Refinary
⦁    Madina M’ahd Al-Dahb area, Mining Exploration project.

Consultancy Projects

⦁    Jeddah Municipality, Develop the CORS
⦁    Jubail Municipality, Develop the GIS system

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  • Just like to say a big thank you for the quick help & support I got over on the Explorer support forum. I have been able to do some tweaks to the header area and got the perfect layout for my needs with some excellent guidance from the explorer team.

    Habib ahmad, Parexons IT Solution and servics

  • ust a HUGE thanks to the Explorer team for being so helpful in their forums. For those who wonder why Explorer usually asks for questions to be directed to the forum, it’s because it’s much easier to track various issues. There’s a good chance your question was answered because someone else asked it. The Explorer team has been extremely patient and helpful for this non-coder. I’ve had to wrestle with a few things, but Explorer has been alongside me every step of the way. It really is a gorgeous theme and your website WILL stand out from other sites. I highly recommend it

    Haider hassan, CEO Parexons IT solution and services