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Our Services

Explorer offers expert services in locating and mapping buried utilities, leakage and provides the most accurate and detailed site survey information available. Depending on the project requirements, we can devise a tailor-made package of services to fulfill your needs. Our services are totally flexible, enabling us to handle any complexity of project at any stage of development.

We are able to provide clients a range of site tailored services including:

Ground Water Surveys

⦁    Depth of bed rock estimation and aquifer information.
⦁    Porosity and permeability of aquifer estimation
⦁    Fresh and saline water separation.

 Geophysics and Geology applied to Civil Engineering

⦁    Foundation Studies- dams, towers, bridges, high rise buildings,
⦁    Bedrock Properties & Overburden Mapping
⦁    Tunnel Route Investigations

 Dam Safety Investigations

⦁    Non Invasive inspection of dams
⦁    Leakage path detection
⦁    Sink Hole Mapping
⦁    Concrete degradation determination
⦁    Pre-grouting & post-grouting monitoring

 Mining exploration

⦁    Ore body mapping
⦁    Rippability/ excavability studies
⦁    Slope stability studies
⦁    Vibration Monitoring
⦁    Ground water studies
⦁    Subsurface settlement studies
⦁    Precise determination of thickness of various layers
⦁    Quality control & vigilance

Topographic Surveys

⦁    Cadastral Surveys
⦁    Road, railways, canal alignment surveys
⦁    River, reservoir surveys

Geographic Information System

⦁    GIS Database Development
⦁    GIS Analysis and Modeling
⦁    Enterprise GIS Systems
⦁    Desktop GIS Applications

 Aerial Survey

⦁    Aerial Triangulation
⦁    DTM
⦁    Orthophotos
⦁    LiDAR aerial survey
⦁    Oblique aerial survey
⦁    Mapping

 Mobile Mapping System

⦁    GIS database Development,
⦁    Asset Management,
⦁    Simulation and Mission Planning,
⦁    Survey and Analysis,
⦁    Situational Awareness,
⦁    Virtual Tourism,
⦁    Property Display,
⦁    Tracking and Navigation, and Other Tasks that cannot be conveniently accomplished without out-of-the-box any GIS Software.

Well Logging Services.
Earthquake Monitoring system maintenance.
Cavities and underground utilities detection using GPR , EM , ER
Environmental  Impact  Assessments
Seismic Reflection and Seismic Refraction Services.
Road Condition Evaluation