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Saudization plan


Saudization refers to the national policy of Saudi Arabia to encourage employment of Saudi nationals in the private sector.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment Launched in 2003 , our Induction Program aims to increase ” The Explorer” Saudization ratio by recruiting talented Saudi graduates and placing them in jobs suited to their skills and capabilities.


 Candidates are new graduates of high school or university, who hold a Diploma, a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree, with majors in accounts, Geology, geophysical and earth science related subjects. They must also be fluent in Arabic and English.

Our Goals

Saudization planning goal for explore that provide services to client is fulfilling the contract’s Saudization provisions, which are contractual clauses in contracts, requiring contractors to provide specific percentages of the total work force to be Saudi workers.
Saudization is one of explore strategic business goals when building the company’s workforce for the following reasons.
⦁  To decrease the over-reliance on expats; to help constrain related  demographic, economic, and
government security challenges.
⦁     To support Kingdom Saudization strategies.
⦁    Social responsibility.
⦁    To meet clients contractually mandated Saudization requirements, in-line  with government Saudization

What we offer

 Our Induction Program offers graduates a comprehensive training and development programme, which teaches:

• The values of Team work and passion for progress.

• The basic work flow of data acquisition, processing and its interpretation to solve the different problems.

• Understanding the Geoscience and environment relationship.

• Soft skills like delivering presentations, effective communication and creative thinking are also developed.

After the Induction Period, graduates enter a continuous training and development process based on the needs of Company.

Benifits for Saudis

 1- In addition to a competitive salary and remuneration package, the following additional benefits shall be provided when justified and approved by the General Manager:

2- Initial job understanding and basic courses related to softwares and subjective knowledge.

3- Rotation in each department for at least two weeks.

4- Chances for attending international exhibitions and conferences each year.We provide adequate control of the health and safety risks arising from our work Activities.

5- Air Tickets and Housing and Free medical benefits are also given along with basic salary.


 Our Employees which will produce high quality work, demonstrate their ability to perform their duties well, will be promoted to higher ranks in the company with comprehensive bonus and facilities.

How to Apply

 To apply for consideration in our company, you will need:

• A current resume • A copy of your last academic certificate

• A copy of your national ID

You may send these documents by e-mail to halmalki@explorer-sa.com. Alternatively,

you may also send these by post to:

Recruitment Department

 The Explorer

P.O.Box 67425 Riyadh 11596

Riyadh Saudi Arabia.